Preston Group and the team at FPM have been working hard at finding new ways to serve the community.

Preston Teams up with Flemingdon Park Ministry

With the aim of reducing occupational health risks on work sites.

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The staff team at FPM has been working hard to adjust to new ways of serving the community of Flemingdon Park, keeping both staff and residents safe and healthy while meeting the growing needs. 

We are so grateful to Preston Group for supporting our new Children and Family programming.  With no school and no traditional summer camps, we scrambled to come up with some plans to help families. 

Funding is always an issue for not for profits, and we rely on generous donors like Preston Group.  With their support, we will be offering year long activities to help families address food insecurity issues and learn how to grow food for themselves.  Putting healthy food on the table is a struggle for far too many Flemingdon families.  And now because of rising food costs and job insecurity, food insecurity is on the rise. 

The activities funded by Preston Group include a virtual kids camp, learning about our urban farm The Common Table and how to grow your own food at home; kids and families will learn about greenhouse growing, hydroponic growing, and how to continue growing at home even during those cold Ontario winter months.  Families will also learn about the wide variety of fruits and vegetables in Ontario, when it is least expensive to buy (for those we can’t grow on a balcony or indoors) and how to cook healthy and delicious meals with local produce. 

Our new Children and Family programming will continue to grow throughout the year, and we are so excited to see what’s in store for us and the community.

Again, we are so grateful to Preston Group.  We can’t thank them enough for the support for our community and our work serving the great people of Flemingdon Park.

Kind regards,
Beverley Williams
Executive Director